Bridging Cultures, Celebrating Innovation.

About the Swiss Weeks

Welcome to the Swiss Weeks 2024, a celebration of Swiss culture, innovation, and heritage in the heart of Singapore. Since its debut in April 2019, the Swiss Weeks Festival has grown into an event cherished by many, thanks to its blend of culture, culinary delights, and innovation. Organized by the Embassy of Switzerland, the festival is a testament to the enduring partnership and share dvision between Switzerland and Singapore — both highly innovative countries with advanced education systems and a commitment to sustainable living.  
Our Journey So Far
Our inaugural festival in 2019, themed Swiss Design, was a week-long celebration featuring the exhibition ‘Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship by ECAL’  at the National Design Center and a masterclass by the Swiss architect Mario Botta at SUTD. Culinary adventures and nature explorations,such as the Bukit Timah Hill Nature Trail in collaboration with Switzerland Tourism, set a precedent for a festival that celebrates both the intellect and the senses.  

In 2022, the Swiss Weeks evolved into a two-month celebration with a focus on sustainability and innovation. The festival programme kicked off with the screening of ‘Heidi’ at Gardens by the Bay,featuring a mix of exhibitions, talks, workshops, a concert by Tabitha Nauser,Swiss culinary delights, and a wine masterclass by Swiss-Singaporean winemaker Isabella Kellenberger. Notable events included the exhibition "Can Tech Save the World and Art Heal It?" in collaboration with techart platform at the Singapore Sustainable Gallery, and the exhibition ‘Le Concours Suisse’ at TB80, showcasing Swiss architectural competitions.Activities also encompassed a Bernina embroidery workshop, a Swiss Spring Market, interactions with the Swiss Association, a Swiss Shooting Medals exhibition at the Swiss Club, an open day at the Swiss School, and a sustainable solutions conference by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce. The centrepiece was the  +Pavilion exhibition,showcasing innovative and sustainable designs, building materials and solutions. Inaugurated on May26, it was on display at Marina Barrage until early August.
SwissWeeks 2024: A Celebration of Connection and Innovation
As we embark on the third edition of the Swiss Weeks Festival, we are excited to further deepening and diversifying the ties between Switzerland and Singapore, building on the strong foundation we have established in diplomacy, business, science, culture and beyond. This year's festival aims to enchant, enlighten, and engage, featuring an array of activities that showcase Swiss culture, cuisine and innovation.
Our Objectives
Strengthening Ties: At the core of the Swiss Weeks 2024 is the aim to build and deepen the connections between Switzerland and Singapore, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration across various domains.

Showcasing Swiss Excellence: From technological innovations to exquisite culinary delights, the festival offers a unique platform to experience Swiss creativity, expertise and quality.

Creating Memorable Experiences: The festival is also about creating moments that inspire and delight. Through immersive events, we invite participants to engage with Swiss culture and innovation, and have an enriching Swiss experience in Singapore.
Join Us in Celebrating Swissness
The Swiss Weeks 2024 are more than just an event; it's a celebration of the spirit of innovation, the richness of culture, and the joy of discovery. Whether you're drawn to the aesthetic elegance of Swiss design, the pioneering spirit of Swiss technology, or the culinary mastery of Swiss cuisine, the Swiss Weeks Festival has something to offer for everyone. We warmly invite you to join us in this celebration and look forward to sharing the splendour and innovation of Switzerland with you.